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    In today’s world, the customer is king. It’s becoming increasingly important to keep your customers satisfied and loyal by providing more efficient, more visible, more predictable, more cost effective supply chain operations. That’s especially true for the ultimate start and end points in the supply chain, which occur at pickup and delivery. Whether your customer is shipping or expecting to receive raw materials, raw silk or raw oysters, they want and need to know everything about their shipment. When it was shipped. Where it is now. When it will be delivered.

    In addition, customers are demanding a higher level of service. Next-day delivery is fast becoming a push for same-day delivery. They also continue to ask for shorter lead times and lower rates. You should enable your employees to provide this insight to enhance customer service levels. At the same time, you should ensure that they (and the fleet they operate) are working productively, safely and effectively in order to protect competitive differentiation and, as a result, your profitability…

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