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    ADD WORLD-CLASS 1D/2D SELF-SCANNING TO YOUR EQUIPMENT IN MINUTES Are you creating equipment where consumers will be doing the scanning? The CCSCN1 is the fastest and easiest way to add the most advanced scanning technology to everything from ATM machines and lottery terminals to self-checkout stands and blood pressure kiosks. It couldn’t be simpler or faster — just attach with three mounting screws, plug into the full-speed micro USB 2.0 interface and power up your host application. The CCSCN1 — the easiest way to add Zebra’s world-class scanning to your customer-facing self-scanning solutions.

    Zebra Part Number(s):

    CCSCN1-M000001WR – Concierge wide angle imaging engine with integrated decoder. Best for fixed-mount 1D and 2D kiosk scanning integrations.

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