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    The Nomad line of capacitive thin  lm transistor-based fingerprint modules is designed with today’s highly mobile applications in mind. With astonishingly thin profiles and a compact footprint, Nomad modules offer OEM integrators  flexibility not achievable with traditional prism-based or optical-based TFT configurations.

    All Nomad modules provide durability and capture reliability that are hallmarks of Crossmatch biometric hardware. Capture surfaces have been tested for one million touches – and are highly scratch resistant.

    Because Nomad modules do not rely on the illumination of the finger to capture a fingerprint reflection, they are impervious to light – making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use, even in direct sunlight. Utilizing capacitance to measure the fingerprint surface also makes Nomad modules indifferent to marks on the surface of the finger, such as ink marks, henna or tattoos. As a result, they do not require cleaning of a subject’s hands to remove temporary marks and are more effective in a broader range of use cases.

    The Nomad 30 Module is a FBI PIV certified single finger capture module. Its small footprint enables incorporation into a wide range of mobile and portable hardware for a broad range of identity verification use cases, such as in point of sale terminals in retail stores and restaurants. Integration is easy, utilizing existing APIs documented in the U.are.U SDK for the FAP 30 module. This approach enables the seamless support of existing Crossmatch optical and silicon devices with the Nomad TFT- based product line swiftly and without additional development efforts.

    Typical application of the Nomad 30 Module includes space restricted or thin profile commercial hardware requiring a PIV FAP 30 certified sensor for authentication. Use cases range from mobile  financial services customer and transaction authentication to secure logical and physical access control to rapid mobile identity verification.

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