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    Leveraging industry leading technology that has made the Crossmatch® Guardian product line the benchmark in ten-print livescan, the new Guardian Module has been designed and built for integration into the most advanced biometric identity management kiosks, eGates, and workstations. Delivering the same superior performance and reliability, with all the features of the new Guardian, the Guardian Module has a minimalist profile, multiple mounting points, and a flush platen for seamless incorporation into a surrounding housing.

    The Guardian Module combines the latest Crossmatch optical design, illumination, and software to accurately and rapidly capture quality images from both wet and dry fingers without the need to recalibrate. This capability proves essential when processing large volumes of individuals as no further conditioning is required to complete the capture process. The interactive user guidance intuitively prompts the applicant with universal pictograms to indicate proper finger sequencing, positioning and pressure. These enhanced features not only improve the user experience, but dramatically reduce the time required to capture high quality prints and process the applicant.

    Ideally suited for integration into kiosks, eGates, or workstations for border control, national ID, and other expedited, high volume or unattended processing applications, the Guardian Module delivers enhanced security, proven reliability, and a reduced total cost of ownership.

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