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      Make a Smart Investment with Dolphin Data Capture and Zebra

      Not every decision is easy when it comes to technology. You know you need technologies, like imagers and scanners to make your business more productive and efficient. However, getting technology integrated isn’t your core focus, so there is a lot riding on making sure the project gets done right the first time.

      Dolphin Data Capturegives you the competitive advantage because of our experience in technology integration. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in designing and selling products and technologies. We serve businesses in healthcare, logistics, hospitality, retail, and other industries.

      In addition to being a premier OEM integrator for Zebra Technologies, Dolphin Data Capture is now a Zebra Partner Connect member, giving our customers access to all Zebra products from scanners to hand held computers and printers and supplies. Zebra is the worldwide leader in technology that helps frontline workers achieve a performance edge through the use of enterprise products, software, analytics, and other solutions. Businesses across the globe use Zebra products and services to connect their employees, track assets, and analyze data to improve performance.

      When you work with Dolphin, we customize Zebra’s technology solutions to fit the exact needs of a business. Need your imager to read a special barcode? Have lighting issues that are hindering the performance of your imagers? Need customized software to make a product work how you want it?

      We solve those problems and more.

      How Dolphin and Zebra Add Value to Your Business

      As a Zebra Partner Connect member, we can seamlessly integrate Zebra products into your business. With Zebra, we can offer our customers full access to scan engines, barcode scanners, printers, RFID products, mobile/wireless handheld computers, and more

      Our expertise, combined with Zebra’s unmatched reputation for quality, means we deliver the best integration solutions for your business. This includes providing software engineering, product design, vision solutions, and specialized lighting and illumination.

      How Dolphin Gives You an Advantage

      No two businesses are alike. That’s why Dolphin provides you with flexible approaches to match your business. Some companies do not require customized integration, other companies need customized Zebra solutions; .Either way, we help you reduce development costs to solve integration issues.

      Here are some specific areas where we provide expert guidance and services.

      Engineering and Design

      We will help you find the solution to your specific integration needs. Our team features engineers for software, electrical engineering, systems design and integration, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and more. When you work with us, you also leverage Zebra’s engineering resources.

      Decoding and Symbology

      Don’t stop at just barcodes. Use our expertise to customize your Zebra imagers to recognize and execute on whatever barcodes and symbols you need.

      Vision and Illumination

      Often your imagers deal with a difficult field of view or focal length. And some businesses have unique lighting challenges. We take the Zebra imager and modify it to solve your problems, so you get the best imagers on the market customized to meet the needs of your business.

      Work with an Experienced Zebra Partner

      When you invest with Zebra and Dolphin Data Capture, you’ll get the product and engineering support needed to ensure seamless integration. The first step is to contact us, so we can get a better understanding of what you need. If you have a particular project or are dealing with data capture issues, click hereto tell us a little more, and we will respond promptly.

      To find out more about getting started simply provide a little information about yourself and your needs using the form on this page or email us at